Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Are we introuble??

I read an article today that Alligators are the most protective mothers in the animal kingdom when it comes to protecting their babies from harm. They will not hesistate to kill or attack when feeling even the smallest amount of threat to their offspring. I have more than often found myself relating to those alligator mothers. It seems every where we go Emmy is being pushed, shoved, slapped and knocked down by boys. It seems to be happening more frequently, you would think she has a sign on her back!

Since I will be having Violet in about 11 weeks, I want to do as much with Emmy as I can to enjoy our time together before she arrives. Today I took Emmy to the park. The weather was perfect and we had a great time on the playground. Emmy kept coming up to me saying "Mommy, I love park!".  It brings me so much joy that I get to stay at home and share these moments with her (Thank you Jesus and Daddy!).

While playing at the park, a little boy about Emmy's age and size came up and started pointing saying "pretty girl". I thought to myself, how sweet! Then he runs over and tackles her to the ground! Of course the parents of the boy didnt really react and I found myself wanting to correct the boy on my own. I also felt part alligator in wanting to harm him for hurting my sweet baby girl. Why does this seem to happen all the time? Could it be I am just surrounded by baby boy bullies??

Then I remembered what my mother use to tell me when I was little. "If a boy teases you or hits you that means he likes you." That never made any sense to me and honestly still doesnt. I then started to wonder if this is true little boys must really like Emmy! And since it seems to happen all the time, we are really introuble!  I then started picturing boys coming to the house, Emmy's first date, her first love, and even her wedding. I know all of this is years and years away but I said a little prayer with Emmy on the playground before we left. "Dear Jesus thank you for giving Emmy to us and for all the future experiences we will share together, we pray that you will be glorified in her life and that she will know you as her Savior. Amen." We then ended the prayer with " P.S. please keep the baby boy bullies/boyfriends away!"

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  1. I love learning random facts...thanks for teaching me about alligators. :) And btw, I think you are in trouble...2 pretty girls?? You and Tim better be ready. ;)