Tuesday, April 5, 2011

28 weeks later....

Right now I am at the beginning of my 28th week. I had a Dr. appointment this past Friday and we scheduled the c-section!!  Little Miss Violet Cheri will arrive on June 17 around 7:30 in the morning! This is definitely an upside in having a c-section, knowing the exact date and time she will arrive. Ive gained 13lbs so far and I should expect to gain about 10 more till I have her. The thought of 10 more pounds of extra weight doesnt seem possible. I already feel very large and cant picture getting any bigger. Here is a pic of the bump..I feel like I look 9 months pregnant already??

No matter what I gain, or look like right now I know its all worth it for this precious gift growing inside of me. I try not to lose sight of that.

Since I will be laid up for a few weeks after Violet is born, I have been trying to keep Emmy as busy as possible. We have been doing a lot of fun stuff together!

I took her to the Highland Library where they have animals and a great toddler area. Emmy loved the birds and was a little scared of the snakes!

We have been enjoying this beautiful California weather! We try to spend as much time outside as possible!
Today we atttempted to play soccer with our Play date group. Emmy loves to kick the ball! She had such a great time even with all her drama moments

Im so thankful for this group of Mommies. I have made some great friends! Love all you ladies who help me keep my sanity.

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  1. Violet and David are going to share a birthday. :)