Friday, May 13, 2011

the things people say....

I find it very amusing and sometimes hurtful the things that people say and the way you are treated when you are pregnant. I wonder what makes people think that if there is a baby bump visible that all caution and discretion goes out the window and its fair game! I have a few stories that I would like to rant about and I will try and keep it quick. Here are the top 5 things that have happened to me this pregnancy...and yes these DID really happen!

#5..."So any day now?"
This is a question I get asked A LOT. By strangers, friends and basically anyone who sees the bump. This question started at around 7 months of pregnancy. It wouldnt be so bad but when I say "No, not till June"..The look on their face is priceless. Mostly the response is shock like "WOW really, how much bigger can you get?"

#4 "Looks like youre about to pop!!"
I was told this yesterday by a Nurse at Emmy's pediatrition office. Usually the "any day now" question is followed by this statement. I just wonder how Im suppose to react to this? Am I suppose to say "thanks"? Also she told me that this baby is at least an 8 pounder. Man I feel the love...

#3 Buying Alcohol
My husband enjoys a few drinks on his days off. So last week he asked me to grab a bottle while I was out renting a movie. Well I just wanted to get in and get out, so I grabbed the bottle and headed for the check out. While in line I noticed I was getting very strange looks from everyone in line, including the cashier. And the looks werent just strange, they were looks of disapointment and anger. I then realized how odd it must look for a woman who is 8 months pregnant buying alcohol, and ONLY alcohol. I wanted to say "this isnt for me", but I know you cant admit that while buying it. So I bought it and as I was leaving I heard whispers of disgust!

#2 "Seeing your experience with pregnancy, adoption is looking better and better"
Its funny how women who havent experienced being pregnant, look at you with eyes like " You look miserable, I could never do that!" I have been told a few times "pregnancy sounds terrible, and I dread it"...Again not sure how to take that.

#1 Doubting the gender
When you are pregnant you will hear a lot "So having a boy?"...You reply with "No its a girl" and then they give you the look of doubt. Then they proceed to tell you the dreaded story. The story of their friend of a friend whos cousin was told it was a girl and turns out it was really a boy and they were unprepared. Now I know this story does happen, but why feel the need to put doubt in my mind? I have checked my daughters ultrasound pictures several times and I have about 12 photos to prove she is a GIRL!!

Now in closing, I know people mean well and dont mean to be hurtful. Pregnancy is a wonderful experience that I am so thankful for. Yes there are a lot of hardships with be pregnant but the moment you look at that baby all is forgotten. I really believe God made it that way or else women may not want to go through it as much as they do. In my last month Im trying just to treasure this time with my baby, and be thankful inspite of the discomfort Im feeling, and the comments!!!

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